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A Quick and Painless Divorce in Indonesia is Just What You Need

08 February 2022
Asep Wijaya
139 times
Divorce in Indonesia requires court litigation. You just can't fill a form, signed, sealed and delivered. No. You need to provide reasoning to dissolve your marriage. This is because Indonesia is a country that expects you to work hard to make your marriage work. Our legal system does not expect you to just give-up when you have a little fight with your spouse, and say: That's it! I am done with it. We want you to have a little effort…

Prenuptial Agreement in Indonesia: Is What Mine really Yours?

03 January 2022
Asep Wijaya
679 times
After the marriage, property acquired during the marriage shall be treated as joint property. This is applicable either both spouses are working, or only one spouse whose working. Regardless whose the bread maker in the family, assets secured after the date of marriage fall into the definition of marital property. Either you're a housewife, or a stay at home dad, both you are entitled to assets accumulated by your spouse. You're entitled to half of it. It's yours too. They…

How People of Foreign Nationals Can Register a Marriage in Indonesia

26 April 2021
Asep Wijaya
2127 times
Foreign marriage in Indonesia is a marriage between two foreign nationals. It must be conducted under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. Their marriage must be performed according to their religions and belief. They must have the same religion before they can perform the marriage. After that, they can register their marriage with the marriage registry in Indonesia. We have Civil Registry in the event the couple is non Moslem. We have Office of Religious Affairs in the event…

Last Will is a Brief but Compelling Affirmation of Assets Distribution in Indonesia

05 April 2021
Asep Wijaya
1078 times
Last will is a legal instrument to distribute your assets to your next of kin after you’re gone. This is a very important document, and you want to do it the right way and properly. It’s because the property of the deceased belongs to the heirs, as long as there was no valid decision made in this matter. The decision you’re making on the testament will determine who gets what. Basically, it is a statement of your last will to…

Prenup and Postnup in Indonesia are Officially a Couple, and Their Protection in Property Ownership Is Strong

09 March 2021
Asep Wijaya
1208 times
In Indonesia, we have two types of marital agreement: Prenuptial Agreement, and Postnuptial Agreement. Both of them are valid, legally recognized, and provide strong protection in terms of property ownership. In the event those terms are new to you, let me explain a little bit. Prenuptial agreement is a contract or an agreement entered into between husband and wife before they get married. Postnuptial agreement is a contract or an agreement signed by husband and wife after they got married,…

Shadowing Procedures in Child Legalization in Indonesia: Here's What It's Really Like!

08 February 2021
Asep Wijaya
821 times
Child legalization in Indonesia is the only way to recognize your child born out of wedlock. This proceeding is a must-have in order to build a relationship between a father and the child. It's giving him a paternity privilege. This thing means a lot to both of them, and covers so many aspects in their lives. The proceeding is to get a DNA test as the primary scientific instrument to take a stand in the court litigation. On one side,…

Inside the Postnup that Allow Property Ownership in Indonesia

08 August 2020
Asep Wijaya
1714 times
Postnuptial agreement is legally recognized in Indonesia. It is a legal instrument from the decision of the Constitutional Court. It's quite a breakthrough but it has some prerequisite requirements in order to be valid. Some of them must come from you as the parties of the contract. Some come from the contract itself, including the formalities from the government institution supervising the proceeding. You Must be a Husband and Wife Postnuptial agreement in Indonesia is an agreement signed by a…

What You Need to Know About Guardianship of a Child in Indonesia

08 July 2020
Asep Wijaya
2409 times
A guardian is a person or legal entity that perform the duty of child custody as a parent toward a child. He/she is entitled to represent it in or outside the court. The idea of having a guardian is to protect the child rights and to fulfil their basic necessities as well as to manage their assets to the best interests of the child. The Subject The legal age in Indonesia is 18 years old. Any child under that age…

Divorce Verdict Reached at Religious Court in Indonesia Is not Dissolving A Marriage Permanently

01 June 2020
Asep Wijaya
1619 times
If you think divorce is the best possible solution for you, many things that should be included into a consideration. In Indonesia, you need to determine court jurisdiction responsible to dissolve a marriage. We have two courts here i.e. district court, and religious court. You file your divorce application at a district court if you're married in Non Moslem ceremonies. Application for your divorce should be filed at the religious court, if you're married in Moslem ceremony. Talaq or Divorce…

It’s Time to Tell A New Story About Last Will & Testament in Indonesia

18 May 2020
Asep Wijaya
3519 times
A testament in Indonesia is the right instrument to reflect your last will about your assets, and other things that you want your successor to do for you. This is a very serious business as you need to make sure the person you trust as your administrator to execute those wishes after you're gone. In order to valid legally, you need to make sure your last will is being written in a recognized testament. You should know that according to…

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