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Divorce and Marital Dissolution in Indonesia: When Your Marriage Gets Crepey and What You Can Do About It

14 August 2023
Asep Wijaya
22 times
Should You Get a Divorce? Divorce in Indonesia is a personal and complex resolution. If you want to get one, you should consider it wisely. You should get insights and consideration. It may be helpful for you in contemplating your divorce decision, as well as your future endeavors. What You Can Do About It If you should get divorce, first thing you should understand is the legal framework surrounding divorce in Indonesia. If you’re a Moslem, a religious court will…

Stepchild Adoption in Indonesia is Your Family’s Best Hope: Here’s What You and Your Spouse Can Do to Keep Your Happiness Alive

08 August 2023
Asep Wijaya
37 times
At the Beginning Step adoption was not even recognized in Indonesian law at the very beginning of our country’s history. According to our laws, stepchildren were not able to inherit property. They were not even able to enjoy other benefits like the other biological children do. This is very sad. You need to change this situation in order to keep the balance within your family. You need to make sure your step children are entitled to receive other legal rights…

The Law won't Recognize Child Born Out of Wedlock without Fair and Square Legalization Proceedings in Indonesia

17 July 2023
Asep Wijaya
156 times
Introduction There has been quite significant developments in the legalization of child born out of wedlock in Indonesia. It aims to protect and uphold the rights of those children from social stigmas. They were often marginalized and therefore had an impact on their ability to access their privileges. They have issues in getting their basic rights such as birth certificate, school, education, health services, etc. In 2013, significant changes took place thanks to the Constitutional Court. They imposed that the…

How to Get a Last Will in Indonesia to Actually Tell Your Heirs about What You Really Want

10 July 2023
Asep Wijaya
233 times
Introduction A last will is an important legal instrument when it comes to estate planning. It ensures the distribution of your assets. It also honors the wishes of the testator after their death. Last will in Indonesia serves a crucial purpose. Its legal strength cannot be downplayed. Last will in Indonesia serves as strong protection and clarity to the testator, their family members, and loved ones. Distribution of assets among beneficiaries systematically provided as a legal framework by a last…

Orchestrating the Prenuptial Agreements in Indonesia

03 July 2023
Asep Wijaya
154 times
Why You Should Have a Prenup When you’re getting married in Indonesia, it is very important for you to have a prenup. It stands for a prenuptial agreement. I will tell you the importance and significance of having one for married couples. So please keep reading! Prenuptial agreement in Indonesia is your own self-made law. Yes! The law for you in protecting and defining your rights and obligations as a husband and wife. You need to make sure your prenup…

Deciphering Legalization of Child Born Out of Wedlock in Indonesia

08 March 2023
Asep Wijaya
193 times
Legal Ground Indonesia has a complex legal framework on child legalization born out of wedlock. There was no legal recognition or even protection for children born out of wedlock in the early years. Over time, its legal framework evolves. Only recently, efforts to implement the principles of equality and children’s fundamental rights have been addressed. Child born out of wedlock has a legal ground in Indonesia. It was introduced by Article 43 of the Marriage Law. The legal ground stipulated…

These are the Current Paternity Privileges of the  Child Legalization in Indonesia

08 January 2023
Asep Wijaya
401 times
A child born out of wedlock is illegitimate one. She/he is being conceived when your marriage was not legally registered or recognized in Indonesia. By law, the child is disconnected from her/his biological father and its family. She/he can only connects with the mother only, and her family of course. You need to do something about it in order to retrieve paternity privilege with the child. It is the privileges you enjoy as a parent. As a father of the…

A Quick and Painless Divorce in Indonesia is Just What You Need

08 February 2022
Asep Wijaya
610 times
Divorce in Indonesia requires court litigation. You just can't fill a form, signed, sealed and delivered. No. You need to provide reasoning to dissolve your marriage. This is because Indonesia is a country that expects you to work hard to make your marriage work. Our legal system does not expect you to just give-up when you have a little fight with your spouse, and say: That's it! I am done with it. We want you to have a little effort…

Prenuptial Agreement in Indonesia: Is What Mine really Yours?

03 January 2022
Asep Wijaya
1594 times
After the marriage, property acquired during the marriage shall be treated as joint property. This is applicable either both spouses are working, or only one spouse whose working. Regardless whose the bread maker in the family, assets secured after the date of marriage fall into the definition of marital property. Either you're a housewife, or a stay at home dad, both you are entitled to assets accumulated by your spouse. You're entitled to half of it. It's yours too. They…

How People of Foreign Nationals Can Register a Marriage in Indonesia

26 April 2021
Asep Wijaya
2699 times
Foreign marriage in Indonesia is a marriage between two foreign nationals. It must be conducted under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. Their marriage must be performed according to their religions and belief. They must have the same religion before they can perform the marriage. After that, they can register their marriage with the marriage registry in Indonesia. We have Civil Registry in the event the couple is non Moslem. We have Office of Religious Affairs in the event…

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