If You Have a Child Born Out of Wedlock in Indonesia, We Have Some News for You on How You Can Limit Your Liabilities

Monday, 18 September 2023 20:10 WIB

How It was Started

So you have a child born out of wedlock from an Indonesian partner. The baby was  born in Indonesia. On Indonesian soil. You feel overwhelmed, but you don’t see your name on the baby’s birth certificate. You don’t have any marriage certificate. Simply put, you are not married to the child’s mother. To make it even worse, you're married to someone else. For some reason, it’s complicated!

Both legally and socially, having a child born out of wedlock can be a daunting situation. The legal implications surrounding the birth of your illegitimate child is complex. Significant implications for you as the parents of the child can be overwhelming. This thing becomes crucial as the baby’s legal status may be in limbo. ou should arrive at the conclusion on how to limit your liabilities. 

Where You are in the Legal Framework

Your child’s legitimacy can only be legally recognized if you’re married to the child’s mother. If your child was born within the marriage, it is a legitimate child. Things will turn complicated if the child was conceived outside the wedlock. No legal relationship with you as their biological father. Therefore, paternity must be established legally. This is what they called Child Legalisation. 

Child Legalisation may be a good next course of action. Social benefits and financial support may be accessed by your child as no legal relationship between you and the child can have significant legal consequences. Child support and custody arrangements may also be affected. It may be established through child legalization, but your liabilities as a person must also be limited. 

Establishing your paternity through legal means such as child legalisation is an important phase. You should seek proper legal advice from someone who knows this thing like the back of their hand. The things that you need to have legal options that serve to limit your liabilities as well as protecting the best interests of your child. 

What Options Do You Have?

There are, of course, legal options and protections that you can explore as a parent. Lawyers at Wijaya & Co can assist you with the options. You can discuss financial planning and support. Therefore, you can come to the conclusion where you can highlight the emotional importance as well as social support when you navigate the challenges of being a father of the newborn. 

Indeed, having a child born out of wedlock potentially brings you certain legal challenges. Nevertheless, in regards to the situation, you may limit your own liability. You need to understand what you’re dealing with. As an individual, you may navigate the challenges with the legal framework in Indonesia. Promoting open dialogue with the biological mother can help you solve the problem effectively. Seeking support from your spouse can also be a good idea. She may not be happy, but at least you can get all the support you need.

Firstly, you should understand the legal framework in Indonesia. This will help you to mitigate your own liabilities. In Indonesian law, we recognize a child born out of wedlock as part of our family law practices. The law aims to provide the child with certain rights and protection. You can make sure that the rights of your child are upheld. Seeking a professional legal counsel from an Indonesian law firm like Wijaya & Co is highly recommended.

Secondly, it is essential to have dialogue with the biological mother. This thing can help you solve the problem. You may identify the things that she wants, and carefully work with your Wijaya & Co’s lawyer addressing the issues. Conversation with the biological mother may be engaged to address the realities of being a single parent. You can create and support her within her environment. Assistance from her family members, friends, may lead to increased acceptance. Things like getting a DNA test acquired, among others, is one of things that can be retrieved  through this dialogue. 

Lastly, seeking support from your spouse may be sought if you want to continue to keep your marriage intact. I saw three cases before: one with a South African man, one with an American man, and the one with a lot of drama was with a Venezuelan man. Those are very interesting cases. Just because you made a mistake, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get support from your spouse. It’s not going to be easy, I give you that. But, it’s worth a try. It can be immensely helpful too. You can alleviate many challenges in relation to your having a child born out of wedlock. 

My name is Asep Wijaya. You may call me or email me to discuss this further about this. You can find out how we can be able to help you and move along with your lives. Thank you for visiting my blogs and reading my posts.

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