Stepchild Adoption in Indonesia is Your Family’s Best Hope: Here’s What You and Your Spouse Can Do to Keep Your Happiness Alive

Tuesday, 08 August 2023 20:08 WIB

At the Beginning

Step adoption was not even recognized in Indonesian law at the very beginning of our country’s history. According to our laws, stepchildren were not able to inherit property. They were not even able to enjoy other benefits like the other biological children do. This is very sad.

You need to change this situation in order to keep the balance within your family. You need to make sure your step children are entitled to receive other legal rights and benefits the same as if they were born into the legal marriage of the parents. So, our legal experts created: step child adoption!

What Is It?

Step adoption in Indonesia is a legal proceeding. It allows you, the step parent, to adopt your spouse’s child from her/his previous marriage or relationship. This is a new thing in Indonesia. It gained its popularity in the country during the recent years.

Step adoption exists due to challenges faced by families that formed because of remarriage or new relationships. Stepchildren and biological children are treated differently in Indonesian law. The different treatment created legal and social challenges for those families. 

Why Should You Do It?

Step adoption exists because of the increasing number of divorce rates in Indonesia. It exists because of the increasing number of blended families due to remarriages that have become more common. Step Adoption in Indonesia is a legal framework for those families. It is incorporated to ensure the stepchildren have the same legal rights as well as protections as biological children. 

Step adoption provides legal recognition to stepchildren in Indonesia. It has a great impact on the children in your family. By doing this, you’re not only giving them a sense of belonging, and security, of course. You also give them a legally recognized relationship with you as their stepparent.

By doing the step adoption, you’re helping your own family in creating a strong bond between you as the step parent and your step child. The step adoption can also help your family in promoting a harmonious and cohesive matrimony.

Why You Should Do It With Us?

Wijaya & Co can assist you with your step child adoption application. Our extensive legal expertise and experience can be your valuable insights for your successful step adoption. We can provide you with guidance on legal implications, compliance as well as risk management with your application.

Our Indonesian lawyer at Wijaya & Co can tailor specific approaches to develop customized step adoption with your individual goals and requirements. 

Call us or email us to see what we can do for you!

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