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Out of Wedlock Child

04 March 2017
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Child born out of wedlock in Indonesia has legal relationship with her/his mother and her family only. This is because she/he was born outside the legal marriage of the parents. The biological father's name will not be printed on the child's birth certificate. But the child may have her/his legal relationship with the alleged father and his family as well, as long as a legal proceeding is being carried-out separately. It's called legalization of the child born out of wedlock. 

The legalization of children born out of wedlock in Indonesia would be a major step towards protecting the rights of these children and providing them with the same rights and opportunities as those born within wedlock. Currently, Indonesia's laws surrounding legitimacy and custody rights are largely put children born out of wedlock at a significant disadvantage. One of the most significant issues facing children born out of wedlock in Indonesia is the lack of legal recognition they receive. Under Indonesian law, children born to unmarried parents are generally considered to be illegitimate, and are not entitled to many of the same legal rights as children born within wedlock. This can have implications for issues like custody, inheritance, and child support.

If a child born out of wedlock does not have legal recognition, this can lead to problems with obtaining identity documents like birth certificates, which are vital for accessing healthcare, education, and other social services. It can also make it difficult for children to access inheritance rights, as well as custody and visitation arrangements, as these are typically tied to marital status. Another issue facing children born out of wedlock in Indonesia is lack of access to education and other opportunities. Many children born outside of marriage face stigma and discrimination from society, which can have a negative impact on their education and development. Without access to quality education and other opportunities, these children are at risk of perpetuating the cycle of poverty that many unmarried parents find themselves in.

Legalizing children born out of wedlock would help to address some of these issues by providing them with greater legal recognition and protection. This could include giving them the right to a birth certificate and other essential identity documents, as well as the same inheritance, custody, and child support rights as children born within wedlock. In addition to these legal benefits, legalizing children born out of wedlock would also help to address the cultural and social stigma that many of these children face. By granting them equal rights and opportunities under the law, society would be sending a powerful message that children born outside of marriage are just as deserving and valuable as those born within wedlock.

Ultimately, legalizing children born out of wedlock in Indonesia would be a major step towards creating a more just and equitable society, where all children have the same rights and opportunities, regardless of their familial circumstances. By addressing issues like legal recognition, access to education, and social stigma, legalizing children born out of wedlock would help to ensure that your child born out of wedlock in Indonesia have the opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to the country's continued growth and development. With careful planning and execution, as the father you can improve the lives and prospects of children born outside of marriage.

Of course, legalizing children born out of wedlock in Indonesia is not without its challenges. The country's legal system and cultural norms are deeply intertwined with traditional customary law, which places a strong emphasis on marriage and the family unit. Any changes to these laws and norms would need to be carefully crafted and communicated to ensure that they are widely accepted.

At Wijaya & Co, our team of specialized lawyers have years of experience in working on the legalization of children born out of wedlock in Indonesia. We understand the importance of ensuring that the legal rights of all children are protected, regardless of their parent's marital status. Our approach to this process is highly professional but also deeply compassionate. We recognize that the process of legitimizing a child's status can be emotional and sometimes challenging for families, and we strive to provide guidance and support every step of the way.

The legalization process itself involves a series of legal proceedings, which we navigate expertly to ensure that your child's legal rights are fully protected. This includes obtaining various documents and evidences such as DNA test results, acknowledgment of paternity by either parent, and other legal requirements of the Indonesian legal system.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that they fully understand the processes involved in legitimizing their child's status and what is required of them at every stage. Our team is highly responsive and sensitive to the needs of our clients, and we always strive to ensure that they feel comfortable and confident throughout this complex process. Our lawyers at Wijaya & Co have successfully assisted our clients in getting their child legalized into their marriage. Cases we handled have contributed to the portfolio of the firm, and therefore our significant experience is a remarkable asset to the proceeding of out of wedlock child legalization with high success rate.

Consider the following issues in order to establish legal relationship between you and your  child born out of wedlock with child legalization proceeding carried-out by our firm:

  1. Experienced family law attorneys;
  2. High success rates in previous similar cases handled by our attorneys that will also contribute to your success;
  3. Conclusive legal binding;
  4. World-wide legal recognition.

At Wijaya & Co, our focus is on delivering effective and efficient solutions to our clients' issues. We have a proven track record in handling cases related to child legitimization and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide thoughtful guidance and expert legal services to our clients. Legalizing a child born out of wedlock in Indonesia can be a complex legal challenge, but with the help of Wijaya & Co's experienced team of lawyers, you can be sure that your child's legal rights and status will be fully and expertly protected.

Call or email us in getting your child the best they deserve legally with the assistance of passionate family law practitioners in Indonesia.

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